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Behind the Scenes

It’s been so long since I posted on this blog that I almost forgot my username and password! Yup, in the world of blogging I fail.

But if you are reading these posts, know that the planning is going ahead. The happy couple have been focusing over the last few months on finding a venue for their Fall 2010 wedding. It’s proven difficult to find something though. Most of the great venues are already booked – especially for Saturday evenings. We’ve discovered that some good contenders are just too expensive when you factor in alcohol. (And I don’t know about anyone else but I doubt that a mickey can fit into my purse). I will write about venues more. Definitely.

Once we have a venue, and a date, we can start the other elements: invitations, wedding website, decor, oh my!

One thing that the Bride has been able to decide on without the venue is her dress! Exciting. After visiting a few bridal boutiques, she has found the one. She will be going back to the boutique with her parents and cousin this weekend to try it on again, and hopefully order it.

So be sure to check this space often. Better subscribe via a reader. There are more details to come.

~ The Bridesmaid


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OMG – Top Secret Announcement from Kleinfeld

This just in! Kleinfeld, our fav bridal boutique from TLC’s Say Yes To The Dress is expected to make an announcement at Canada’s Wedding Expo this Saturday, January 16. What could it be? Maybe an extension to the already wonderful Kleinfeld Experience contest that they are running right now. Check it out for a chance to win a $5,000 Kleinfeld gift certificate, free airfare and accommodations in NYC, a private store opening and personal styling with the one and only Randy Fenoli!! Wooo weee. 🙂

Click on the image to enlarge.

~ The Bridesmaid

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Someone is Getting a Ring… Right Now

The Holidays are a very popular time of year for proposals. Between Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years, the magic of the first snow fall, the family gatherings, and the copious amount of alcohol, a lot of Grooms-to-be are finding the perfect time to pop the question. Or they’ve gotten a hold of some liquid courage. Either way. Right now some love-sick putz is down on one knee.

We need to be aware of these things – proposals I mean. More proposals, mean more weddings, which mean more Bridesmaids. We have a vested interest.

I personally feel that our job as members of the bridal party begins before there is a wedding in sight. We are the female correspondents to the groom-to-be. When there are rings to purchase, proposals to organize, we have to step up to the plate. So do your friends (potential Brides and Grooms) a favor and get your acts together Bridesmaids. According to some site that I found while browsing the web – 85% of women stated they were “disappointed” in the way they were proposed to. Ay Carumba!

Something needs to be done to curb that statistic. Before the proposal pull the Groom aside and remind him know that you know the Bride very well and if he needs any help, he can give you a call. Then found out what the Bride wants – her dream ring and proposal. Chances are she has already thought about it. Offer to help. If he’s the proposal blimp over the ballgame kinda guy and she would hate it, don’t be afraid to tell him why you don’t think that would work. Offer up some suggestions.

Even as a woman who is not married, I have heard my share of proposal stories. Some were clear train wrecks from the start, and others were memorable. Reading this post, you probably know of a few yourself. If not, there are some a ton of proposal ideas floating around. From a ring waiting on the Christmas tree, or packaged in a successively smaller layer of boxes, to “will you marry me” written in the snow.

And this season when your friend becomes engaged, know that you did you part to make it magical and memorable. A job well done for Grooms and Bridesmaids everywhere.

~ The Bridesmaid

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