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Shows Just May Blow

This weekend the Bride, Mother of the Bride, two other Bridesmaids, and I are going to Canada’s Bridal Show. Despite the incredibly terrible commercials and dated website, this is apparently one of the bigger shows and the one to go to… I don’t know who decides these things.

I have already warned the Bride about the wine that I will be carrying in my aluminum water bottle. I warned that I will be tweeting the event – because some things are left said through online sarcasm. Oh and if I win a diamond ring, new car or condo, I’m keeping it. I am not above wearing a diamond engagement ring that I won from a bridal show even though I’m not married. It may hinder my dating life, but ah well.

I can guarantee that all five of us at this event – Bridesmaids, Bride and Mother of the Bride – will bring it’s own level of entertainment.

So watch this space. I’ll let you know how it was. And if you don’t hear from me, know that the last thing I did was go to a Bridal Show. That deserves a seat in heaven.

~ The Bridesmaid


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Shows Don’t Blow

This time last year, The Bride sent me an email about an upcoming wedding show in Toronto. A few of her girlfriends were invited to come along for fun. Although none of which were engaged, it would be a hoot to go to the show. I said a resounding “Thanks but no thanks.” Because really, a wedding show?! Do I really want to subject myself to that kind of high-pitched, clawing at your eyeballs, death by flower wire kind of torture. I was busy. I was washing my hair. For the entire weekend.

When I received today’s email about upcoming wedding shows, I knew that I had to suck it up. My BFF is now engaged and incredibly excited. So am I. Therefore come January I will be going to the shows. There’s a good chance that I’ll have some red wine in my aluminum water bottle, but I’ll be there.

So far the show contenders (as per the email) are: The Wedding Co. Show, Canada’s Bridal Show, The Total Wedding Show. Since I know nothing about them, I decided to search for bridal show tips instead. The articles are aplenty and have more useless points then my ADD brain can handle. I won’t bother linking to them. But through my scanning I did pick up on a couple of bridal show tips worth sharing.

5 Tips to Help You Get Through A Bridal Show (Sober or Not):

  1. Take a Camera! Genius. Something tells me that I won’t remember the height/width ratio of that flower arrangement that everyone fell in love with. How will I know if the wedding fashion show dress was more majestic than the one at the bridal boutique.
  2. Return Address Labels! If these bridal shows are anything like other trade shows, there’s a ton of draws to enter for free stuff. Who doesn’t like free stuff?! But lazy people like me can’t stand there filling in the information AGAIN while our carpel tunnel is acting up. Just print up some labels with your name, address, email (maybe even the wedding date) beforehand and you’re good to go. Bring a few business card size versions if you can too.
  3. Avoid the Spam! Who doesn’t hate spam email or junk mail. Related to #2, if you are going to fill out a lot of contests for your wedding consider setting up another wedding only email address and/or PO box. That way after the wedding you can cancel your PO box and close your email account. Voila no more junk. Reserve your main e-mail address for vendors you actually work with.
  4. The Black Sharpie! Yes all of the online tips that I read said bring a pen and notebook. Great. I say also bring a Sharpie. You’ll definitely be taking a lot of brochures and other literature. Write a note with your Sharpie on the vendor’s brochure what impressed you, what you want to follow-up with. It will make for an easier time the day after. I love that.
  5. Double Bag It! Have the Bride carry one bag and the Bridesmaid (that’s me) carry another. Put literature for vendors that you want to follow-up with in the Bride bag and all others in the Bridesmaid bag. While I’ll probably be lugging around a huge bag of crap, it will be easier to sort through after the event.

And if you’re at the show and see me, say hi. I’ll be the one in the dark sunglasses and wine stained lips, standing beside a highly enthusiastic bride. Holla.

~ The Bridesmaid

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